Continuously Variable Transmission

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Some CVT websites:

Girotti-CVT 25dec08
STAN-CVT 05dec08
WARKO 30oct08
CVET 29oct05
FPCVT 08oct05
Gyro-Gear 17set05
SuperDrive 16set05
Artemis-HEDDAT 15set05
NexxtDrive 14set05
GyroTorque.GVT 10aug05
ICVT.Barloworld 04aug05
Infinitran 29jul05
SESYK CVT 18jun05
Milner CVT 10jun05
GIF/Ecurie-Aix 05jun05
Nephin 03jun05
NuVinci CVT 31may05
Hydristor 07may04
TransRevolution 16apr04
Ratio Disc 30jan04
vehicles using CVTs 23jan04
Elite-CVT 07jan04
Btech RVDRVM 14nov03
THYS CVT 03nov03
ACVT-Group 17oct03
IVPD AS 24set03
KRG CVT 20set03
Silvatech HMCVT 28aug03
Randolph's links 07jul03
Constantinesco_IVT 14jun03
SphericalVariator 03jun03
Ker-Train 06may03
LesTranEng 29apr03
Torotrak-sh 16mar03
Coriolis Drive 12apr03
Barloworld 22feb03
CrankCVT 23nov02
T.Mulyono 13jul02
MilnerCVT 12jul02
CVPT 06jul02
CVPST 01fev02

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C.V.T. (Continuously Variable Transmission) is a system that makes it possible to vary progressively the transmission ratio. So it allows selection of a infinite number of ratios, (between a minimum and a maximum value).
Manual transmissions (MT) are the most common in today's cars. This transmission only allows a limited set of fixed gear ratios. Usually MT dispose of 5 gear ratios, although there are gear boxes with 6 or 7.

The purpose of this website: To provide a facility for raising the level and quality of public debate on CVTs across the World.

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