CVT- Continuously Variable Transmission

Analysis of the Coronel CVT


First we consider that the blue ring gear doesn'trotate. Butit can just "wobble".

When the ring gear "wobbles", the red planetary gearwill roll inside it.

1 a)
1 b)
1 c)
In a) the blue ring gear doesn't "wobble" and the red planetary gear moves along a circle.
The other extreme configuration is c). In this case the center of the red planetary gear has no motion.
But in both cases, it is evident that the output speed would be the same.
Therefore the "wobble" angle doesn't vary the angular velocity of the red planetary gear.
2 a)
2 b)
2 c)
Now, we add the rotation of the blue ring gear.
This will cause a reduction of the angular velocity of the red planetary gear. 

In this particular case, the output speed becomes zero.

For example, if we would use a greater angular velocity for the the blue ring gear, it would result in a constant clockwise angular velocity for the red planetary gear. But the "wobble" angle doesn't modify this output velocity.

4 a)
4 b)
4 c)

Conclusion: The Coronel CVT doesn't vary the ratio, thereforeit doesn't work as a continuously variable transmission.



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