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Casa da Criança Madre Maria Clara

an orphanage in Mozambique

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Imagens das Crianças da Casa Maria Clara
Casa Madre Maria Clara,
Missão S. José de Lhanguene,
Bairro de Chamanculo - "C",
Av. do Trabalho, Maputo,

Telef: +258-21-401943
Fax: +258-21-400277
  Este orfanato acolhe e cuida das crianças mais necessitadas.
 Você pode ajudar agora mesmo! Informação e fotos


  This orphanage receives and takes care of the most poor children.
 You can help right now! Information and photos


  Cette orphelinat reçoit et prend soin des enfants les plus pauvres.
 Vous pouvez aider en ce moment! Information et photos


  Dieses Waisenheim erhält und passt auf die ärmsten Kindern.
 Sie können im Augenblick helfen! Informationen und Fotos


  Questo orfanotrofio riceve e prende la cura dei bambini più poveri.
 Potete aiutare ora! Informazioni e foto


  Este orfanato recibe y cuida de las niñas más pobres.
 ¡Usted puede ayudar ahora! Información y fotos

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You can help in 10 different ways! 




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print and divulgue

Click on the buttons to open our advertising documents. Then, print them normally, (select: File-Print). Please, make multiple copies and give to your friends! Everything is free. The children thank you for your help.

 - Print our and send it by normal mail. 
 - Print this about Casa Maria Clara. It contains all the information in this website. 

 - Print these and distribute them to your friends. They have our address and all our contact information.


 - Print and use this 2003 calendar of Casa da Criança Madre Maria Clara:, , , , .




Receive a birthday email alert

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send a birthday postcard

 Soon it will be the birthday of a child. Make her a surprise: send her this birthday postcard!

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Here are some examples:
Books: there is a mini-library in the orphanage and the girls love reading. Do you have any books that you don't use anymore? Maybe you could donate them to our children. 
School objects: Notebooks, pencils, rubbers, pens, dictionaries, suitcases, rulers....
Clothes: It is impressive to see the poor clothes that they have. These girls are aged between 1 and 18 years old. Unfortunately, clothes are a luxury good of for these children.
Other objects: toys, games, towels, bed sheets....

Do you have friend that also wants to send us some goods? In this case it's cheaper to send both donations in one package.

If you need more information, please contact us.




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